Kittens, Day 5

Missy's Kittens - Day 1
  • Ears will open, but they are still deaf. Eyes may begin to open at the corners.
  • Still huddling for warmth, not interactive yet.
  • They will be twice their birth weight.
  • Time to starting gently handling kittens for only a few minutes at a time.

IMG_0103Some eyes are beginning to open.  They are following Missy to the closet door. We have been handling them very little to check on them and set them back on the blanket.

It’s almost 4am. I was woken by Missy pawing at the inside of the closet door. When I let her out, all five kittens were next to her at the door. Scott set them back. Later this morning he will replace their blanket. I’ll also see that they are weighed on the electronic food scale.


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