Oscar Feeling Poorly.

2015-12 _ 2015-12-18 _ 1218151103For the past day and today, Oscar has been hacking and coughing but only producing small amounts of foamy spittle puddles. Other than that, he is mostly sleeping and not eating much. He doesn’t seem weak or sick otherwise. We took his collar completely off to help him. He seams to be doing a bit better this afternoon & seems interested in food. Right now he’s sleeping on the rug in front of the sink.



  1. Oscar ate some food earlier and threw it up all over the place later. We didn’t see or hear when it happened.
    He is still looking and acting better. Hopefully this has helped him get rid of something in his tummy.
    Maybe he ate something that he shouldn’t have, like a bug.


  2. Oscar is still throwing up. We don’t have money until next Wednesday to take him to the vet. However, other than doing a lot of sleeping and cutting back on his eating, he seems to be doing fine otherwise. Right now he is drinking a lot of clean water.


  3. Still sleeping all the time. Was sleeping in one of the litterboxes for a while. At least it got cleaned earlier. Noses arounf food and water but not really eating or drinking,


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