Where’s Oscar

IMG_0121We hadn’t seen Oscar all morning. Scott and I started looking for him. After checking all the usual spots we started checking the unusual ones. Then we started checking places he shouldn’t or couldn’t have been like cupboards and closets that were never opened today. Scott had gone out once, so he took a look around outside.

We both started getting really worried. Since he hadn’t been feeling well, we wanted to make sure he didn’t crawl off somewhere to die, or did die. My stomach was churning and I could hear the fear in Scott’s voice as we both started yelling for him. Right now it had been over an hour of searching.

We’ve never seen him up there but Scott got a chair out and looked on the kitchen cabinets. There he was. Laying in a corner where he could not be seen. We left him there to sleep.

He was obviously feeling better, since he had to jump up to the counter then the refrigerator then the cabinets. A while later he was down to drink some water and jump in Scott’s lap. He let me hold him in my arms for a while before I had to put him down on the sofa.


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