Krawling Kittens

IMG_0264Missy is going outside more. About  two to three times a week. They live on the living room carpet, out in the open. Missy is mostly in attendance, feeding them or sleeping with them, but she also watches them from a few feet away, across the room, or from other rooms. She is letting the other cats approach to within a couple of feet.

The horde, themselves, mostly stay together in a clump of five or a clump of three & a clump of two. They are crawling all over. From one side of the couch to the other (about 6 feet) and from the couch to the mid room (about 4 feet). One or two also try to get to my chair. I think it/they is/are interested in the vibration it makes on the floor.

In the picture, there are four huddled together and one who thinks the remote control is a sibling.


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