The Great Escape

2015-11 _ 2015-11-11 _ 0076 We have two front door bells. The original built-in one at the door & a second at the top of the steps where you can NO LONGER get to the porch. The second is a cheap RF doorbell and the button is cable tied to the ramp bars. You can see it as a little white spot on the front middle rail.

We have had a lot of rain & flooding lately. For the past two days people have been knocking on the door. I went out today to see if maybe the rail one had gotten wet and ruined the battery, or if the battery had just gone dead.

While out there, I started talking with a neighbor who was in front of my unit. She told me that a cat had come out. It was Odin! Before I could do anything, he jumped off of the ramp platform and went under it. The platform sits about 8″ above the porch so it is level with the door threshold. From there he went to the grass on the left, then past the stairs to the bushes on the right where he started nibbling.

I followed him as much as I could, but with the flooding a couple of days ago, the yard is wet and my power chair will bog down in it. Tina tried to get him but he doesn’t really like other people. Her main job was to keep him from the road. She tried herding him but he wouldn’t have it.

Finally he started around the side towards the back. I told Tina that I would go in and open the back door. When I did Odin came right up to it but was hesitant to jump the sand bags. Tina did pick him up while he fought a bit and drop him inside.

By the way, Scott had left to go to the store. I called him to let him know and then called him back when Odin was in.


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