Toys, Toys, Toys & More Toys

toysCat toys come in a variety of varieties. This article will concentrate mostly on “small” toys.

toys catnip
Catnip stuffed toys. These can be any size or shape: Bananas, carrots, fish, an old sock, mini-pillows, etc. Store bought or home- made.

toys cat tailCat Tails or Boas on a Stick. The stick or pole style toy can be used two ways:

  1. Hold above head and make kitty stand or jump.
  2. Drag along floor like a wounded animal.

Either way, be sure to let kitty make his capture and keep his prey after a little while. Your cat may get frustrated if she can never win.

toys crinkle ballsCrinkle balls. The main attraction is the crinkly noise, like cellophane or a paper bag or a bag of chips.

toys sparkle ballSparkly balls. Soft, furry, shiny.

toys tunnelsTunnels. This Y-shaped tunnel looks like fun, however, the standard collapsible ones are a favourite around here for playing and sleeping. The crinkle sound is part of the attraction.

toy laserLasers. Some cats like them, some cats don’t. I’ve met cats who are afraid of them. Tuxedo cats tend to look for them for hours and days later. I’ve had six or more fight each other for the red dot.

toys feather dustersFeather wands or dusters. Look like birds and can be used to tickle ears, noses and paws.

toys fishing pole

Fishing poles. They may or may not contain catnip. We also set them up in different places for the cats to self-play with them. These types also tend to have a stretchy string on them.

toys miceMice. Catnip or otherwise. Unleash your cat’s beast.

toy springsSprings. These are the fancy version of a plane old milk jug ring which our cats love.

toy springyToys on a spring. Free standing or attached to something like a track ball, scratching post or cat tree.

toys wiffle golfWiffle-like golf balls. These have no dingle bells. One of our previous cats would play fetch with them, chasing them down the front steps, grabbing them in his mouth and bring them back to do it over & over again.

 Track or roller balls. A real favourite around here. We have two, both with a spring toy in the centre.

Of course this is not a complete list. There are many home-made toys such as the aforementioned milk jug ring, toilet paper rolls and boxes. Also many commercial toys sold at pet stores, department stores and grocery stores. Kitty will surprise you with the things that he will play with and the things that she won’t play with.

Let us know about your cat’s toys, their most and least favourites.


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