Kitten Factories Actually Exist And They’re Terrible

Screenshot - 08112016 - 11:31:45 AMA man in Australia just got busted for running a kitten factory, where kittens and cats were found riddled with infections and living in filth; 30 of the 72 cats seized were so sick they had to be euthanized.

The man will pay $32,000 in fines and be banned from breeding animals for a decade — but some say the punishment isn’t enough. “This is the worst example of a kitten factory that Wyndham has ever seen,” Steven Lambert, director of city transformation for Wyndham, Australia, where the facility was located, told Australia’s Star Weekly.

The sad truth is that kitten factories — also called kitten farms and kitten mills — are a huge problem worldwide because they’re often more easily hidden from view than puppy mills. According to Animals Australia, a “lack of transparency, regulatory oversight, and the actions of unscrupulous breeders all combine to create what can be, at best, a life of deprivation and chronic boredom for cats and their kittens or, at worst, a living nightmare.”

Kitten farms are spread across the U.S. — and people say they’re just as bad as puppy mills.

Read more at The Dodo


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