ABRA, Inc: All Breed Rescue Angels

abra_logo_cropped ABRA, Inc  (All Breed Rescue Angels) is a small dedicated group of volunteers saving one pet at a time from euthanasia. We believe all dogs and cats need rescuing. We are a foster based rescue, which means we do not have a shelter. All of our animals are located in foster homes with our volunteers.

Our main focus is to rescue as many animals as we can from local shelters before their “time is up.” Both dogs and cats are pulled from local area shelters and placed in loving volunteer foster homes. We believe all shelter pets deserve a second chance, regardless of breed, age or medical issues. ABRA, Inc provides medical and behavioral care, if necessary, as well as all food, supplies and standard vetting for the length of time the animal is in foster care.

ABRA, Inc advocates for reducing pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering all of our foster animals. We believe strongly in only adopting to homes where the pets are already fixed.

We are funded solely by donations and run by volunteers. There is no payroll and we do not get compensated for our dedication. Therefore, the more volunteers we have the more lives we can save! Our volunteers may range from those willing to provide foster homes, supplies, transportation, or a helping hand at an event.

PO Box 1426
Crown Point, IN 46308

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