Community Change

communitychange_kayladoortodoorAnyone can act to positively transform the way their community cares for its animals. Learn how you can change attitudes and promote policies that protect the lives of cats in your own community.

Creating Community Change

Alley Cat Allies, the leading advocate for cats in the U.S. and around the world, has been at the forefront of the movement to change outdated systems, beliefs, and policies that do not serve to protect cats. Since 1990 with the care of our first feral cat colony, Alley Cat Allies has fueled a small but powerful revolution in how people think about cats. We witnessed a paradigm shift in our community when we started new, never before offered programs and humane education. We believe most people want to do the right thing, and they just need a little help.

Creating feline-friendly communities is a group effort! We work with individuals, officials, and the community at large to set the foundation for long lasting change that protects cats.

Read more at Alley Cat Allies


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