6 Most Common Reasons Cat Owners Love Their Maine Coon Cats

big-maine-coonThe Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of house cats, and it’s certainly one of the loveliest. So many people are unaware that they can purchase a cat of this nature, who looks so much like a lion in terms of its mane – or ruff as it’s called on this cat – and has all the best features of a house cat. This gorgeous, large animal has some great features, and the people who own them are happy with their choice. Most feature associated with this cat are positive, from their friendliness to their intelligence, to their ability to adapt well and their ability to get along with other pets in your house. There are several reasons these cats make wonderful pets for all kinds of families.

In a world where most people spend more time focused on the breed of their dogs rather than their cats, it’s not uncommon for someone to see a cat like this, decide they want something so lovely and go ahead and buy one. However, most people are very unfamiliar with this lovely breed and wonder if it will make a good pet or if it’s a cat that will do better in a home where there are no children. Before you consider this cat good for your family or better for someone else’s family, take a few minutes to see what it is about their Maine Coon’s that pet owners love most. We’ve scoured the internet and found the most commonly listed reasons people love theirs so that you can see what’s so great about this large breed.

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