c3ucb3lwyai5k7r i dusnt be gud wiv spellin. i run #keepfits on fersdys #tweetchoir on mundys an henryandfriends1 dus be my yoo tewb channul. emayl henryandfriends @ fsmail .net
[I doesn’t be good with spelling. I run #keepfits on Thursdays #tweetchoir on Mondays and henryandfriends1does be my Youtube channel. email henryandfriends @ fsmail .net]

About me

Gender MALE
Location sowf cowst {South Coast], United Kingdom
Introduction i wos mayd in chyna an is a steiff bear wiv eer tag wot say so. i dint nevva bin to skool.
[I was made in Chinaand is a Steiff Bear with ear tag what say so. I didn’t never been to school.}
Interests i like arktekcha an arkolojee. aswel i like reedin an taykin pishers. i like to clime an skip an sing but i dussnt be gud at singin. i like playin aswel an reely like bysyklin.
[I like architecture and archaeology. As well I like reading and taking pictures. I like to climb and skip and singbut I doesn’t be good at singing. I like playing as well as really like bicycling.
Favorite Movies shorn th sheep. et an appy feets wiv pengwins aswel.
[Shawn The Sheep. it and Happy Feet with penguins as well.]
Favorite Music i do like al difrunt moosik.
{I do like all different music.


dus be wunss a week to try an keep evrrywun elffy wile they dus be on twitta. ferst we do warm up strechis an then ther dus be swimming or air rowbiks or ther dus be fings in th jim to yews like th trampleen or warkin masheen or playin in th bal pit

[ does be once a week to try and keep everyone healthy while they does be on twitter. First we does warm up stretches and then there does be swimming or aerobics or there does be things in the gym to use like the trampoline or working machine or playing in the ball pit.]


wunss a week we av an we joyn toogevva to sing for wun ower. we sing al difrunt songs an ennywun can joyn in

[Once a week we have and we join together yo sing for one another. We sing a different song and everyone can join in.]


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