This Blog Is Republishing All the Animal Welfare Records the USDA Deleted

1486501708278-16381712738_f13934b91a_kKaleigh Rogers
Feb 7 2017, 3:09pm

A grassroots effort to recover the extant records has sprung up amid controversy over the USDA’s decision to remove the files from the web.

It’s a well known edict that once something has been posted online, it can never be removed. That’s turning out to be the case for thousands of animal welfare records that the Department of Agriculture removed from the web last week. Now, a government transparency blog is on a mission to recover, and republish, as many of these records as possible.

“Whenever there are documents that were online, but got pulled offline, they’re automatically important,” said Russ Kick, who runs the blog The Memory Hole 2, where many of the documents have already been re-published. “Nobody’s going to go through the trouble to delete something that doesn’t matter.”

Read more at motherboard.

As seen on Twitter: 14,Feb 2017



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