Modko Modkat Minimalist Top Entry Cat Litter Box Review

elise-xavier-kittyclysm-cat-blog-introduction by Elise

modkat-litter-box-top-entry-cat-furniture-sleek-white-prettyThe reason I got the Modkat Litter Box: it looks good. Plain and simple. Of course its other primary feature – the fact that it’s top opening, played a huge part in encouraging me to buy this thing, but lets be real; there are very few good looking litter boxes on the market, and finding one that happens to fit in with your furniture is rare as ever. The fact that the Modkat Top Entry Cat Litter Box did so was nothing short of a miracle, so while I can’t say I was very happy with the price tag on the item, I can say that now that I’ve broken the bank for it, I’m happy as a clam that I did.

Thomas and I live in a studio flat – not a one bedroom, a studio, and we both work as bloggers from home. So while we’re not quite short on living space (it’s a pretty big studio that at least has a separate kitchen and a spacious bathroom), we don’t exactly have extra space in spades. When we first moved in, we started out having Avery’s litter box in the washroom. It made sense to us even though we weren’t going to be flushing our kitty litter down the toilet (we can, but we’d rather not just in case way down the line we end up messing up the plumbing. If we were in a house, we certainly would, but being in an apartment building, we can’t help feeling it’s wise not to). A few things changed our minds about the litter-box-in-the-bathroom arrangement pretty quickly.

First, Avery’s pretty aggressive when it comes to covering his litter. So when he scratches – it’s loud. And our walls, while not the thinnest, are still thin enough to hear through if you’ve got loud enough noises. We can hear whenever our neighbours vacuum, for example. Avery’s use of the litter box in the washroom bothered me initially, but then came one fateful day where he had to use the litter box at around 4 or 5 AM. He dug and scratched at it a bit longer than usual, then around 10 minutes later, I heard coughing from the neighbour’s bathroom. Yup. I’m pretty sure our cat using the litter box woke up the neighbours.

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Visit the Modko Website.


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