The Ballad of the Carpet Fitter

Ballad By Curious Zelda

Dis a story of my plight
Against a carpet fitter
In my quest to curb my fright
I thought I must tell Twitter…

Just before the work commenced
I found a place to hang
Suddenly my body tensed
I heard the loudest bang…

I scurried to another room
The closest I could find
Certain that I’d met my doom
My food bowl left behind…

As the fitter ripped and knocked
His search for me was brief
The evil critter hadn’t clocked
Me hiding underneath…

Out of sight for hours on end
I hadn’t slept all day
The carpet man was not our friend
He turned our carpet grey

Finally the beast had fled
I knew that I would win
“Soon” I muttered to myself
The scratching will begin!


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