Cat Brothers Separated for 2 Years Find Each Other When Their Humans Start Dating

980xThese two cat brothers were separated at shelter but found each other two years later when their humans started dating.

Meet Ozzy and Butter!

Ozzy and Butter came to Petaluma Animal Services, a no-kill shelter in Petaluma, California, along with their four other siblings, looking for a second chance at life. “They were found at a mobile home park, no mom, just kittens,” Kathy Sousa of Petaluma Animal Services told Love Meow.

With a foster program in place, they were able to put all the kittens to foster care. Butter and Ozzy were paired up together.

At nine weeks old, the kittens were ready for adoption. That’s when Cathleen Cavin and her daughter met the ginger brothers. “My daughter and I went into Petaluma Animal Services and saw the two cutest kittens ever! They looked identical,” Cathleen Cavin told Love Meow.

They instantly fell in love, but were saddened that they were not able to take both kittens due to rental restrictions.

Read more at Love Meow.


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