Furry Babies Are Family – Not Just Pets! 

cat-mamas-logoIf your furry babies are more than just pets to you, you’ve come to the right place. was created for people just like you.

Here, we celebrate both the joys and the challenges of living with a furry family.

As all dedicated Cat Mamas know, keeping your cats happy and healthy sometimes takes more than a handful of kibble and a snuggle on the sofa!

Furry Babies – What’s Not to Love?

When you share your life with pussycats, you get a large daily helping of joy. They’re pure delight wrapped up in furry packages.


Kitty cats are:

  • Natural comedians
  • Gifted acrobats
  • Zen meditation masters, and
  • So beautiful, they might’ve been hand-painted.

And they look stunning in every setting: whether they’re elegantly stretched out in a Marilyn Monroe pose, or smooshed upside down in between the sofa cushions.


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