Why Ginger Cats are Irresistible

screenshot-02182017-100102-pmFor the longest time I never had an orange cat.

I’ve shared my life with black cats, white cats, tabbies, greys and even a pinkish pussycat.
But never an orange cat.

Then, as good fortune would have it, I suddenly had 2 ginger cats added to our family. And now, there’s orange orange everywhere!

Hamish has passed his orange tabby cat genes on to his little boy, Hector. Both these boys add stripes and white bellies to their bright orange outfits. It’s a bold fashion statement that they can’t really back out of.

Hector and Hamish are a double dose of personality overload. They make me laugh every single day.

They’re living proof that once you go orange, you can never go back.

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