Kindness Saves Kitten’s Life and Four Baths Later Her True Coat is Revealed

dirty-rescue-catIt was a twist of fate that led one woman to the rescue of a darling cat when she chose to park her vehicle in a location not typically her own. Rather than pulling into the garage of her building, she made the decision to park next to her building in Los Angeles, which led her to find a pile of dirty rags in a corner. That is, until she realized that the rags were moving; shivering, actually. She quickly ran over to see if she could help and found a sweet cat.

Filthy and dirty with a small wound under one eye, the cat was not in good shape. Without thinking, this kind Samaritan picked her up, put her in the car and immediately drove her to help at a veterinarian’s office. The cat was scared, but quickly warmed up to her as she continued to drive. It did not take long for the cat to realize that this woman was only there to help, and that is when she began to curl up to her.


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