Shop Cats of New York

imagesThe bodega cat (or shop cat, if you want to go a little more broad) is not a concept that is unique to New York City—you’ll find the furry creatures in stores, libraries, and museums around the globe—but the working felines of the five boroughs are perhaps the best-documented, with a plethora of Instagram accounts and websites devoted to their exploits.

And as of late last year, there’s now a book about the cats who call NYC businesses home, called—fittingly—Shop Cats of New York. The book is the brainchild of Tamar Arslanian, the blogger behind I Have Cat, who wanted to shine a light on these kitties. She sees them as more than just mousers (the traditional role played by a shop cat) or companions for their owners. “While dogs are much more visible in NYC, cats play a vital role in creating a sense of community in a city where it can sometimes feel lacking,” she explains. “These cats help spur conversation and build human connections over a shared interest.



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