Why It Is NEVER Okay To Declaw A Cat

Many well-meaning people believe that declawing is an easy and relatively harmless way to fix their cat’s habit of scratching furniture. Unfortunately, this belief can lead to a lifetime of pain and trauma for the cats who undergo declawing procedures. Today, the act of declawing is widely considered to be inhumane and has already been banned in more than 20 countries around the world, except for rare medically necessary cases–an inoperable injury or cancerous tumors, for instance. Here’s an explanation of what declawing is, why it’s harmful, and what you can do as a cat owner instead of declawing.

What is declawing?

The biggest misconception about declawing is that it’s a procedure that simply removes the cat’s claw. The truth is much more barbaric. Traditionally, declawing a cat requires amputating a bone on each of her toes.

There are several ways the declawing procedure can be done, but all of them involve removing bone along with the claw. That’s because, unlike our own fingernails, your cat’s claw grows out of a piece of bone. If that bone isn’t removed her claw will attempt to grow back, which will either reverse the procedure or cause painful problems when it grows back incorrectly. If this procedure were happening to you as a human, it would mean each of your fingers and toes would be cut off at the top knuckle. Ouch!

Read more at Cat Time.


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