It’s almost that time again: The High Holy First of April – Or April Fools Day.

What are some good pranks to pull? Comment here and also Use the hashtag #AprilFoolsPranks over at Twitter

  • Replace the label on the Icey Hot with a KY label
  • Teach your cat to bark or your dog to meow
  • Add a lot of food colouring to a pot of coffee & watch their mouths turn colour
  • Give your pussy a Brazilian *mreOUCH*
  • Mix Soy Sauce & Sprite and put in a Coke Bottle
  • Make donuts then fill with mayo instead of cream
  • Change all the wall clocks in the house or office from AM to PM & watch as chaos ensues.
  • Add a drop of red, blue or green food colouring to the coffee pot. Wait for the 1st person to add cream to their coffee…
  • Make Mento ice cubes for your friends sodas.

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