Cat Tips: Five Reasons You Should be Petting Your Cat More

Owning a cat might make you live a little longer. Of course, owning a cat is not going to prevent you from being hit by a bus in the middle of the supermarket or developing a rare disease when you travel to some third world country and swim in a bacteria infested pond, but it’s good for your overall health to own a cat and potentially live longer because you are healthier. The good news is that most of us need very little persuasion to get a cat of our own. They’re tiny, fluffy, cuddly and just as darling as can be, and that’s all we need. Additionally, we certainly do not need anyone to tell us that we need to spend more time petting our cats. We love to cuddle with these little darlings, especially at night when we are curled up on the couch watching holiday movies and enjoying time with the family.

It’s just good times, really. That’s why it’s so important for us to pet our cats. There are a number of benefits that we often overlook, and it’s not doing anyone any favors for us to overlook these benefits. So here you go; I’ve come up with a list of reasons you need to stop what you are doing right now and spend more time petting your cat. Don’t thank me yet – I’ll wait until you’re done.

Read more at Kitten Toob.


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