Big Love for Small Cats

By Becky Robinson, Founder of Alley Cat Allies

Those of us who love the majesty of big cats often find ourselves mesmerized by footage of tigers, pumas, and lions going about their daily lives. We are fascinated by their agility, speed, instincts, and behaviors. It’s easy to see the similarities big cats share with their smaller, domestic cousins in our homes. Pound for pound, both have tremendous strength, wonder, and grace. Anyone who shares their life with a cat can agree that domestic cats carry the same independent streak that we see in big cats.

Despite these, and many more, similarities, big cats and the smaller cats who live among us are often seen very differently in the public eye. Yet when we apply the same scientific lens that we use for big cats to the domestic cat species, Felis catus, we can benefit from some dramatically changed perspectives.

Read more at National Geographic.


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