Tailless Cat Waited in Shelter for Over 10 Years, But She’s Not Giving Up…

After 10 years of living in the shelter, this beautiful kitty named Sabrina is more than ready to embark on a new journey to a place she calls her forever home.

The sweet-natured kitty came to Sante D’Or, a rescue group in Los Angeles, California, when she was just 6 weeks old (in 2006).

Everyone at Sante D’Or fell in love with the adorable tailless wonder. Sabrina came from a city shelter after they could no longer cared for her. The kitty wasn’t born a Manx. She was rescued after being hit by a car and ended with a broken tail which couldn’t be saved.

“The little puff on her rear only makes her cuter, though-like a bunny/cat hybrid… One of our wonderful fosters took her in several months. She gave Sabrina massages, made her kitten-sized diapers, even brought her in for acupuncture treatments,” Sante D’Or shares with Love Meow.

Read more at Love Meow.


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