Some cats follow the rules, others are too tired to consider the rules, and others make the rules.When it comes to playtime, does your cat like to go with the flow, or is she the one making the rules? Take this quiz to see what kind of playdate best matches your cat’s personality!

1. You pull out the feathered wand toy and invite your cat to play. How does she react?

a. She eagerly looks at you, ready to cut loose!

b. She ignores you from behind closed eyelids.

c. She sees you, spurns your invitation, and begins playing with a different toy.

d. She looks interested and will join you after some coaxing and perhaps a little baby talk.

2. Which human game would your cat most enjoy?

a. Charades: She’s incredibly animated and likes to have fun.

b. Checkers: She’d mostly like lying beside the board and batting the playing pieces.

c. Simon Says: She’s always Simon, of course.

d. Hide-and-Seek: She prefers the hiding to the seeking.

3. You return home from an outing. How does your cat greet you?

a. She meows and rubs against your leg, noticeably happy for your return.

b. She doesn’t budge from her favorite lounging spot. After all, she just saw you a few hours ago.

c. She runs into the kitchen, demanding food.

d. She carefully watches you from afar and joins you when she’s ready.

4. How does your sleeping cat react when you pet her?

a. She replies with the most adorable noises and stretches.

b. She remains firmly planted in Snoozeville.

c. She makes irritated sounds, telling you to leave her alone.

d. She peeks at you with one eye, then curls up and goes back to sleep.

5. If your cat were a professional athlete, what would her nickname be?

a. The Purr-minator: a competitor but always out for a good time

b. The Slugger: breaking multiple records for her slug imitations

c. General Na-paw-leon or simply The General: known for her controlling behavior on and off the field

d. Hide-y Klum: can never be reached for interviews

6. What would your cat’s Monopoly strategy be?

a. To engage you in a game of batting hotels back and forth

b. To see how much of the board she could cover with her entire body

c. To bat all the playing pieces under the sofa and then stare at you until you retrieve them

d. To climb underneath the box’s lid

7. What’s your cat’s secret-weapon “move” that results in your full attention every time?

a. Pawing playfully at you and giving that irresistible “Puss-in-Boots””look

b. Rolling over and exposing her sweet belly

c. Incessant meowing and knocking things over

d. Curling into a tight ball and pulling her little paw over her face


Read more at Catster.


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