Thanks To One Special Young Girl Disfigured Cat Gets A New Lease On Life

A 7-year-old girl found a disfigured kitten sleeping in the garbage can.  People pass by the kitten every day but none has the heart to even look at her because of her physical appearance.  The little girl with a big heart decided to help the homeless kitten who also happened to be in dire need of medical treatment.  She asked her father to help the very ill kitten survive.  The poor kitten was indeed in a very bad shape at that time.  In fact, many thought that the young feline wouldn’t survive its severe injuries.  Apparently, the kitten was slowly eaten alive by worms which caused her to lose one of her ears and her top lip.  She was also infested with parasites.

The kitten was then taken to a vet and was given the medical attention it needed.  We can’t imagine the pain the brave feline endured.  Fortunately, with extensive care and lots of love, the kitten who is now known as Gulumser survived her ordeal.  The cat’s name means “she who always smile” in Turkish language.  She is now a happy, playful and loving cat.  Thanks to the little girl and her father for giving her a chance to live life happily.  Her transformation is wonderful and her survival is indeed a miracle.

Read more at Kitten Toob.


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