Top 25 Best Cat Toys

Like their larger, wild brethren, house cats are hunters. Cats are built for stalking prey and pouncing on it, and years of domestication hasn’t much diminished their need to engage in these activities. They’re extremely agile creatures, and those genetics contribute to able predators. Even if your cat is just a fluffy goofball that appears to share nothing with, say, a cheetah, they still possess the instincts for play like the big cats.

Indoor cats are especially in need of exercise. They don’t get to roam the outdoors, chasing squirrels and birds, and maneuvering around obstacles like outdoor or barn cats do. Additionally, because cats are relatively smart creatures, they require a lot of mental stimulus to keep from becoming destructive or otherwise misbehaved. Virtually every episode of My Cat from Hell features Jackson Galaxy recommending strategies to keep a cat occupied and engaged. The number one suggestion? Buy a few toys.

Cat toys come in a wide variety of styles, but there are a few categories that continually emerge as favorites. Here we’ve collected five example of five different categories of toys: balls, catnip toys, toys with feathers, mice and other prey animals, and scratching posts and playgrounds. These are all tried-and-true toy types which can add a new dimension to your cat’s environment and pique their interest. The Human Society of the United States recommends that you make a rotation of your cat’s toys to keep them interesting. Only keep a few out at a time, then switch them the next week. When you do, make sure they have one of each type of toy, including at least a couple that you use with them, since domestic cats enjoy bonding activities with their humans.

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