Cat Nurtures Dozens of Orphaned Kittens and Becomes Their Surrogate Dad..

Benny was a tiny kitten when he came to a local shelter in need of a lot of help. He was one of the five very sick kittens.

“He had a horrible Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) as well as being loaded with parasites,” Ellen Carozza LVT told Love Meow.

Ellen took a chance on the pathetic looking kitty and nursed him back to health. “Benny traveled back and forth to work with me daily for months after his siblings were adopted out (after excellent medical care) and just had this ‘thing’ about him being around other cats.”

Benny loves his feline friends especially younger and weaker ones who could use an extra dose of TLC.

“He always made friends and showed the younger groups, that came in, the ropes and played and socialized with them, so he grew up in it. I’d like to think he is giving back what we gave him. A chance for a good life,” Ellen told Love Meow.

Read more at Love Meow.


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