Why Doesn’t My Cat Like To Be Picked Up Or Held?

Pretty young lady holding a fluffy cat in her arms joyfully

Some cats just don’t like when you pick them up or hold them in your arms, even if it’s just for some loving snuggles. Certain breeds like Ragdolls and Ragamuffins are known for their love of being held, but there are exceptions even among those kinds of cats. You just want to express your love to your feline fur baby, so why don’t they like being picked up for cuddles? Here are a few reasons your cat might not enjoy being picked up or held.

Some Cats Are Easily Scared

Imagine a creature about ten times bigger than you picking you up off the ground and holding you. It can be terrifying for a cat, especially one that is easily startled or scared, to be picked up by a human. If your cat is easily spooked by loud noises, quick movements, or sudden changes in their territory, it’s quite possible that they are simply fearful of being held. Let them approach you on their own terms to avoid causing more fear.

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