Christina (Christy) Marie

Found 11 February 2018.Chrissy was a feral kitten who ran into a neighbours house during a storm. Although thoroughly wet,  she was clean and looked well fed so we thought she might have been either dropped off or escaped. However her temperament looks more like a feral. The neighbour soon moved and gave her to us.

At first aloof, she has slowly warmed up to us. She loves the other two grey cats, Simon and Earl, and they often play, eat, sleep and groom each other.

It has taken months but she is slowly warming up to us. Even though she has always been present and interacts with all the other cats, she would not let us pet her nor pick her up. When we did she didn’t struggle but she made it extremely clear that she wanted down.

Now we can pet her and she rolls over for belly rubs but we still can’t pick her up. If we pet her while she is sleeping she no longer wakes up startled and runs. Instead, like our other cats, she feels safe enough to hardly even wake up before going back to sleep.

Christina (Chrissy) Marie
20 Feb 2018

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15 May 2018


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